St Barts

If you’d travelled to St Barts 70 years ago, you wouldn’t have found a single hotel on the island. Thankfully, things have changed a bit since then. St Barts is now home to some of the finest hotels on the planet, complete with infinity pools, beach clubs and spas.

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Cheval Blanc – Isle De France

If we had to describe the Cheval Blanc hotel Isle De France in just one word, it would be ‘detail’.

Eden Rock

This beachside retreat was the first hotel to open on St Barts and it’s since hosted a sea of famous faces – from Greta Garbo to David Rockefeller.

Le Barthélemy

Trust us, this hotel has the wow factor with its palm tree-lined infinity pool, modern interiors and delicious beachside food.

Le Toiny

Nestled within 42 acres of palm trees, this exclusive hotel has just 22 suites plus one of the most stylish infinity pools we’ve ever leapt into.

Villa Marie Saint-Barth

Palms, palms and more palms. They’re everywhere in this beautiful boutique hotel – in the garden, on the furnishings and even in the centre of the dining room.