Enjoy the beauty of sunset dining

While the Spanish are known for eating late, there are some great sunset dining experiences to be had in Ibiza.

Find your fit

While there’s nothing wrong with kicking back on a sun lounger, Ibiza is also the perfect island for a wellness break.

Hop cocktail bars at dusk

Bar hopping is something of an island pastime, especially if you want to sample the delicious tapas available as the sun sets.

Join the (beach) club

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on an oversized sunbed, listening to chilled Ibizan beats.

Live like a local for the day

To enjoy a true taste of island life, we recommend taking a trip to one of the most enchanting villages on the island.

Set sail for secret beaches

Revel in the luxury of chartering your own boat or yacht. Unwind in blissful privacy as you explore the island’s many secluded beaches and coves.

Share a paella with friends

Nothing beats a long lazy lunch, sipping on Spanish rosé and sharing freshly cooked seafood paella with friends, and it’s even better if you are right by the sea.

Taste some local wines

Ibizkus is Ibiza’s largest wine exporter and they have a wide variety of wines available to try. You can drop in for a tasting or book a guided experience.

Time for some real escapism

Want to try something completely different?

Treat your taste buds to a tour

We’ve travelled enough to know that you can never truly understand a culture until you’ve embraced its food.

Visit Es Vedra at sunset

Sit, soak up the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the sun’s final performance of the day.